AI Assisted Development with Wing Pro

Wing can use generative AI to write larger chunks of code automatically at the current editor insertion point, and you can use AI to refactor, redesign, and rewrite code according to high-level instructions that you provide. Your role changes from writing code manually to directing an intelligent assistant capable of completing a wide range of programming tasks.

Code Suggestion

You can ask Wing to use generative AI to implement missing code at the current input position in the editor. It reads the existing content of your file, and optionally also imported files and other project files, and uses them as cues for what code you want to write. For example, you can enter partially completed code like "def rename_person" and ask Wing to write the rest of the function or method. Or add a comment and ask Wing to write the code that it describes.

Refactoring and Redesign

Wing's AI tool lets you use generative AI to refactor, redesign, or rewrite existing units of code. Example requests that you can make include: "add a docstring to this method", "convert this into a Python generator", and "rewrite this threaded code to instead run asynchronously".

Description-driven Development

You can also write new code at the current insertion point according to written instructions that describe the intended functionality and design of the new code. For example, you might ask it to "create unit tests for class A", "add example code that starts TestServer and issues requests to it with TestClient", or "add RPC server and client classes that provide access to all public methods in class B."

Manage Request Context and Costs

Wing's AI integration lets you manage what code to include as context with your requests, so that you can control whether the AI has access to information necessary for it to produce quality results, without reaching AI request rate limits or racking up huge AI provider costs. Actual cost of each request and all requests made so far is shown in the AI tool, so you can make sure your use of AI remains cost-effective.